Retired couple looking for small jon boat (6' - 8'). We love to go fishing. No motor needed.
Hey I am looking for either a 2 story or a larger cage for my two guinena pigs
Wanted: poodle skirt,and or accessories.
Retired couple looking for small jon boat (6-8'). We love to fish. We don't need a motor.
Hello, i am looking for a few lamps, book shelves and queen sheets. thank you
I would like a cat tree for my front porch so my cats can sit out there and get some fresh air.
i have an idea for something i want to make from the power wheels cervo motors and the battery. So if you want to get rid of your working or non working powerwheels car or truck and dont want to add to a landfill - im your solution. i also could use a working or non-working electric weedwhacker fo the same project.
I am looking for a frame for a queen-sized bed preferably with a headboard.
Wanted old electronic catalogs, Allied, Radio Shack, Heathkit, etc
Friend had a major flood at her rental house. She did not have renters insurances. She needs mostly kitchen stuff and living room stuff.
I'm looking for fruits and veggies to can. I'm on a very tight budget so I cannot afford to go to the farmers markets to buy them. Let me know. Thank you.
His brother and sister were killed by predators. He s the sole survivor and he s searching endlessly for them. I promised him I d find him a companion or two.
If anyone has a working VCR player I would certainly love to take it off your hands.
Retired couple looking for small jon boat (6'-8'). We love to go fishing. No motor needed. Thank You
i'm looking for somewhere in valparaiso indiana only where i can purchase all handcrafted pocket knifes an hunting knifes that are made of all natural materials? thank you 242 7210 use voice phonecalls only, so then i can more easily know you are a real person an not a bot an not a scam group. Ad number: #373983316 City: Valparaiso Indiana Only Zip: 46384
I m looking for new baby born clothes or baby boy stuff I would gladly appreciate it!
Looking for four wood pallets. Don't have to be in the greatest of shape--using them for the sides of a compost bin.
Looking for 4t boys clothes
My dad had his golf clubs stolen from his car. If you have his, or just a spare set, he could really use them - golf is about all he has right now. Contact me and I'll put him in touch with you. Thank you!
"common brick" color, to repair area of floor in my home.
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