15-Aug-2018Westville, IN +7 milesItems Wanted
WANTED: Nylint Timber Transport Trucks.
14-Aug-2018Chesterton, IN +16 milesItems Wanted
My water is getting shut the 18th does anyone know how i can get help i'll do community service I just don't know how to go about this .the state Doesn't help us . Please anyone could help me not asking for money asking for a way I can do my part to get the help I appreciate it. or can someone help I have put every application in possible I guess no one will hire me don't understand why it suck...
14-Aug-2018Valparaiso, IN +11 milesItems Wanted
I'm posting on behalf of a good friend who is due with her first child in less than 3 weeks. Because she was a high risk pregnancy she has been unable to work for the past few months. She still needs several items to bring her baby home when it arrives. - pack and play - crib mattress - crib bumpers - baby bottle cleaning kit/ sterilizer kit - bottles for storing pumped milk - bottle scrubber -...
11-Aug-2018Valparaiso, IN +11 milesItems Wanted
Just going back to work after being off for 7 weeks. Just need a little bit of help until I get my first check. Thank you.
9-Aug-2018Valparaiso, IN +11 milesItems Wanted
wanted 1/2 to 1/4 " styrofoam sheets 2x2 up to 2/4 or any size I can get in suv
5-Aug-2018Chesterton, IN +16 milesItems Wanted
Please help my husband lost his job because of cancer I have been told I have stage 2 liver cancer out of work myself and my family is no help I have no friends since I got cancer no one will help ..I have nothing for her to wear and it breaks my heart I have tryed everything I have no money my nispco is getting shut off we are in bad shape all I ask is one outfit or any thing so she will not l...
1-Aug-2018Westville, IN +7 milesItems Wanted
WANTED, Vintage truck with multiple axles as pictured.
1-Aug-2018Westville, IN +7 milesItems Wanted
WANTED: 20's - '30's Old Tow Trucks / Tow Truck Beds or any hand crank wrecker booms, any condition, call anytime if no answer please leave a message, NO TEXT, seven 0 one 3 seven 1 eighty 7 eleven.
29-Jul-2018Chesterton, IN +16 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a queen sized bed frame, Any decor and curtains and an office.
29-Jul-2018Chesterton, IN +16 milesItems Wanted
Hello, I am looking for a woman's bike as long as it works I'm happy!
28-Jul-2018Valparaiso, IN +11 milesItems Wanted
Trying to help a college student that is needing a bed ASAP! Currently sleeping on a living room floor...if you have one you no longer need, I will pick it up! Thank you!
27-Jul-2018Valparaiso, IN +11 milesItems Wanted
Looking for twin mattress
27-Jul-2018Chesterton, IN +16 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a twin mattress
27-Jul-2018Valparaiso, IN +11 milesItems Wanted
My daughter needs a working microwave for college. Please let me know if you have one you're not using. Thanks!
26-Jul-2018Chesterton, IN +16 milesItems Wanted
If anyone has any playground or outside toys for babies or toddlers i could really use it thanks in advance!
26-Jul-2018Chesterton, IN +16 milesItems Wanted
I'd prefer a battery powered digital metronome where I can put in the time signature and the speed I want, but an old fashioned one is ok, too.
24-Jul-2018Chesterton, IN +16 milesItems Wanted
would like a Trampoline...does not have to be Beautiful but still together. Thanks in Advance!
19-Jul-2018Valparaiso, IN +11 milesItems Wanted
low income first time on own.
19-Jul-2018Valparaiso, IN +11 milesItems Wanted
I am looking to update my preschool classroom with some kid size living room furniture. Looking for a couch and one or two arm chairs.
16-Jul-2018LaPorte, IN +17 milesItems Wanted
I am in need of clothes for you 11-year-old son. He is 4'8" and weighs 98lbs. He is in a size 14 pants, shorts and jeans and Medium to large shirts. Any help is greatly appreciated. A single mother in school and working part-time. Thank You so Much!!!
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